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Water level compared to NAP: -31 cm
Water level compared to LAT: 158 cm
Measurement time: 17:40 uur


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The water level for Borssele Alpha

No astronomical forecast available
No astronomical forecast available
No setup expectation available

Water level graph Borssele Alpha


The graph above shows the progression of the water level at Borssele Alpha see. The blue line follows the astronomical tide forecast in NAP, which is the data that you also see in the table on the left in the '10 min' column. The orange line, however, shows the astronomical forecast plus - or minus - the setup. The influences of the weather and current are therefore included, so that the orange line represents the most likely scenario.

About the reference planes (NAP and LAT)
Most of the tide data you see here is shown relative to NAP (Normal Amsterdam Level). However, the measuring stations Aukfield, Europlatform, K13A and the Lichteiland Goeree give their values in MSL, Mean Sea Level, which represents the average sea level.

LAT is an international reference plane and stands for Lowest Astronomical Tide. It is used as a reference plane for water depths on nautical charts. If you use this, it is best to maintain this level. LAT represents the lowest possible tide at a given location, which is only reached at highly exceptional times. Normally the water level will therefore always be above it.

A standard difference between NAP and LAT is known for each tidal location, the standard difference between NAP and LAT at Borssele Alpha is: 189 cm

Want to know more? The Wadvaarders Foundation has an interesting explanation about LAT vs. NAP on its website.


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The complete list of tide and water level stations in the Netherlands


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