Weather forecasts

Wind forecast North Sea and inland

The wind forecast for the North Sea, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Maps per hour, for the next 40 hours in knots, Beaufort and air pressure. Be sure to check out the detailed maps of the Wadden, the IJsselmeer and the Frisian Lakes and for Zeeland.

North Sea Current Atlas + Weather influences

The hourly forecast of the currents in the North Sea, in knots and meters per second

UKMO Fax charts

MetOffice's well-known fax charts, analysis and forecasts for the coming days.

HiRLAM analysis and forecast

The HiRLAM analysis map and ECMWF forecast maps for the coming days, updated twice daily by the KNMI.

DWD ICON analysis and forecast

The German Weather Service provides beautiful analysis and forecast maps from its own ICON weather model every day, also for the Atlantic region.

ECMWF 850 hPa analysis Atlantic Ocean

The current ECMWF model output of the air pressure distribution at the 850 hectopascal level. Gives a good impression of the larger movements of high and low pressure areas and wind speeds.

The current satellite image

The most recent Meteosat 8 satellite image of Western Europe and the current satellite film.

Synoptic analysis KNMI

The Synoptic analysis and model assessment by the KNMI meteorologist on duty. Updated several times a day.

Weather plumes Netherlands

Weather plumes with 14-day forecasts for seven locations in the Netherlands, based on the GFS weather model.

Current weather reports Netherlands

The current weather and 24 hour forecast for more than 5000 places (click)

Weather warning

18/05/2024 08:13

There are no warnings

There are currently no warnings in force.

Live maritime observations


Weather report KNMI: Periods of sunshine, especially inland (thunder) showers in the afternoon

The current KNMI weather report (automatically translated)

Created: 18/05/2024 09:17

Warnings There are no warnings in effect

This morning there are mainly sunny periods in the north and center. In the southwest, there is a single shower. There is little wind. This afternoon there will be periods of sunshine. Some showers develop, some with thunderstorms. The maximum temperature will be around 22°C. The wind is weak to moderate and comes from varying directions. Tonight there may be a few showers at first. The wind is weak to moderate and comes from different directions.

Tomorrow morning there will be sunny periods. Any mist will quickly dissipate. It is dry in most places. The wind is weak to moderate and comes from various directions. Tomorrow afternoon the sun shines here and there. Showers and thunderstorms mainly develop in the central and southern regions. The maximum temperature will be around 22°C. The wind comes from directions between west and north and is weak to moderate. Tomorrow evening there will be a few more showers or thunderstorms, especially in the south. The wind is weak to moderate and mainly comes from a northerly direction. (Source: KNMI) Short term: Quite warm with occasional sunshine but also frequent showers, sometimes with thunder. Long-term average: 18.2°C


KNMI radar with wind force


KNMI radar with lightning visualisation

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