Marrekrite mooring PR 25B in Goëngahuizen

All about Marrekrite mooring PR 25B in Goëngahuizen, location, facilities and photo. On the water map below do you see the mooring in its immediate vicinity. On the right of on this page you will find the facilities of this mooring.


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Marrekrite mooringPR 25B

Berth type: Sheet piling

Camping allowed: no
Shore connection: yes
Container present: yes


Photo mooring PR 25B


The weather in Midsburen, nu:


Af en toe lichte regen

The current weather in Midsburen is Af en toe lichte regen
Wind Force 4 bft | 13.6 Knots | 25.2 km/h
Wind direction NNW
Wind arrow
Today: Fris lenteweer met veel buien en soms een stevige wind. Zondag minder buien


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About Marrekrite

The Marrekrite Recreation Board (Recreatieschap Marrekrite) is the partnership of the Frisian province and municipalities, together they maintain a huge network of well-maintained moorings and (Mar) buoys.

You can stay at a Marrekrite mooring for a maximum of three days moor by boat for free.

There are more than six hundred Marrekrite moorings in Friesland, you can find them on our overview page.

Registration is free, but Marrekrite sets a number of rules:

  • Vessels may not be left unmanned. However, walking or cycling and then returning to the boat is allowed.
  • Don't sail too fast. Stern waves are a nuisance to moored boats. Moreover, the banks suffer as a result.
  • It is forbidden to moor in the reeds.
  • Respect farmers' property. Do not enter private areas.
  • Throw your recreational waste in the garbage containers. These are emptied regularly. There is always a container nearby.
  • Construction waste or chemical waste may under no circumstances be thrown into the containers. You are also not allowed to leave it on the moorings.
  • Trees and shrubs may not be pruned or felled.
  • Open campfires are prohibited due to the risk of forest fires and nuisance to animals.
  • Dogs welcome, but on a leash.
  • Clean up feces.
  • Align the use of radios, generators and other devices so that they do not bother others.
  • Never place barbecues on scaffolding or on the edges of sheet piling. The plastic cannot withstand this.

More information can be found on the website of the recreation board

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