Prinses Beatrixsluizen, in Vreeswijk: opening hours and contact

All about the Prinses Beatrixsluizen: service times, location and contact details. On the water map below do you see this lock complex in its immediate vicinity. On the right on this page you will find the locking times, additional information and the telephone numbers and VHF channels.



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More information

How does passing throug a lock work?

For seasoned water sports enthusiasts it is a simple procedure, but if you are not yet experienced on the water, entering and exiting the lock can be an impressive experience. How does it work, where do you moor, what should you pay attention to?


Shipping times Prinses-Beatrixsluizen

Prinses Beatrixsluizen
Roldeuren, aan beide zijden 2. Mogelijk om schutlengte te variëren van 266 tot max 291 m.
Width: 25 meter, length: 291 meter.

VHF-Channel: Channel 20, radio traffic Two way
Phone number: 088-7973910

Service times this week

All days, between 00:00h and 23:59h

Operating times all year round

From 01-01 until 31-12

All days, between 00:00h and 23:59h

Rijkswaterstaat Midden-Nederland
Postbus 2232
3528 BJ Utrecht

Administrator visiting address
Papendorpseweg 101 Utrecht
Phone: 088-7973650

Data updated: 22 Juli 2024, 10:40 uur, all data comes directly from Rijkswaterstaat systems.

Is something incorrect in the above information? Please submit your changes via the Fairway reporter.



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